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Training, Prevention and Preparation

We provide corporate courses, one-on-one training as well as keynote addresses.  Professional Passport is a member of Seattle Bookings.  For a complete list of Professional Passport speaking engagements, please see our calendar.

  • Workshops
  • Global Awareness Program (G.A.P.)
  • Developing a Global Voice
  • International Negotiations
  • Train the Trainer
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International Troubleshooting

International-Troubleshooting2Are you having problems with a foreign employee, a client, or a distributor? Do you feel you have exhausted all avenues, trying every trick you know to no avail? Let us help you! Years of experience dealing with people from different cultures have taught us that often the obvious is hiding right in front of you, disguised to the naked eye. Our troubleshooting exercises help pinpoint and define the problem.

"The Passport team has demonstrated a high degree of expertise on the domain and has done a great job in guiding the team through understanding the challenges and differences, and then through defining the ways to tackle them.  The Passport team has proven to be very instrumental and valuable to the process.  I would recommend that training to any team that has multicultural groups within." 

Gadi Naveh Hewlett-Packard

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Gadi Naveh
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Cross-cultural Mediation

Once the problem has been identified, we work hard to fix it. Cross-cultural mediation is a way to make people feel heard, respected and valued on both ends of the equation. By giving a voice to the situation, we provide a framework within which your company can once again operate. Communication is re-established, and a pleasant work environment is restored for all.

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CultureActive Cross-Cultural Analysis


Together with the team and/or project leader, trainers analyze the result of the assessment to identify the cultural traits available within the team to maximize its components and create a healthier and more efficient environment in which team members evolve. During classroom training, common pitfalls and challenges are identified while tools to prevent and/or resolve the problems are provided. Our trainers are experienced multicultural professionals. Professional Passport is an affiliate partner of Richard Lewis Communications.

During my last engagement I had the privilege of hearing an amazing presentation by Ms. Valerie Berset-Price on the startling number of obstacles to understanding that our cultures unconsciously raise during discussions. Prepared initially for yet another sociological treatise, I was instead delighted and intrigued by the humorous notes and the solidly professional content of this Swiss national's presentation. I believe that the senior military leadership and its component commands would both enjoy and profit from listening to Ms. Berset-Price and discussing the sophisticated insights she brings to the table." 

Colonel Anthony A Wood U.S. Marine Corps

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Colonel Anthony A Wood