As global interconnectedness becomes more complex, our team of cultural intelligence experts brings to your company a unique intercultural bridge woven of effective communication tools. We understand how to create synergy when a business venture connects with companies worldwide. We are proven professionals with multicultural and multilingual backgrounds who specifically coach you how to enhance your marketing intentions.

Since the impact of neglecting the cultural component of a market when interacting across cultures is market share loss, increased risk and ineffective management, our team of proven professionals consult with integrity to help you develop a global mindset and establish effective international business practices. Our workshops with concrete case studies will empower your executives and employees with superior communication skills to better build your international business ventures.


Valérie Berset-Price

Your Global Bridger

Valérie Berset-Price is the President and Founder of Professional Passport, a consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon, USA, that specializes in international trouble-shooting and cross-cultural mediation for companies invested in doing business on an international scale.

Valérie is a dual citizen of the USA and Switzerland. She speaks five languages; has lived all over the world; and worked for Swiss, Taiwanese, South African, Brazilian, and US companies before starting her own practice. Her extensive background in international business development and intercultural problem-solving makes her an expert at pinpointing why global projects fail.

Her “Global Awareness Program” (G.A.P.) brings the global business world into focus, bridging cultures to succeed in today’s marketplace. Valérie has presented in Morocco in front of the World Customs Organization (WCO), a United Nations agency; the US Embassy of Santiago, Chile; the Intel Conference; the Software Quality Conference of New York; the Global Supply Management Conference of Las Vegas, among many other prestigious venues. She has been a guest lecturer at China Foreign Affairs University, Shanghai School of Customs, Beijing Normal University, University of San Diego, Portland State University, University of Portland and Oklahoma State University.

She is an international business expert for the Huffington Postthe Vancouver Business Journal, and a frequent contributor to Training Magazine. Her clients include Fortune 500 Companies as well as small to mid-size organizations.

She holds degrees in international business from Switzerland and International Relations from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

You can contact her here.

Robyn Spens

Your Global Bridger in the United Kingdom

With more than 15 years of experience in business development serving a diverse mix of clients in Russia, Asia, and the Middle East, Robyn Spens has traveled extensively as a consultant. Her work with diverse businesses around the world has provided Robyn with an international perspective and experience as a global consultant. Born in the U.S., she has lived and worked in Europe for more than 27 years.

Passionate about all facets of culture, Robyn has worked with Russian, French and U.S. companies, helping those organizations to position themselves successfully in the international arena.

As a keynote speaker, Robyn most recently presented at the UK Banking Forum and Google, UK. She is a frequent contributor to JFW magazine on issues of cultural awareness and business etiquette. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-sized organizations.

Robyn holds a degree in law from New York University and has trained extensively with Professional Passport. She is also an alumni of both the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, Brussels, and the Protocol School of Washington.

Robyn is a certified trainer and "Global Bridger" for Professional Passport® and may be contacted with the form on this page.

Dominique Vaughan-Russell

Your Global Bridger in Canada

 A dual citizen of Canada and the UK, Dominique Vaughan-Russell was born in Calcutta, raised inHong Kong and attended both English and German Swiss International schools. She has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and North America as an intercultural consultant.

Dominique presents, consults and is a workshop facilitator for one of Canada’s largest national financial institutions. She has presented at the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) in Tokyo, Roadrunner Sports in San Diego, the HRPA in Toronto, Govig and Associates in Phoenix and has been a guest lecturer for ASU Skysong in Phoenix as well as an instructor at George Brown College in Toronto.

She holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising from California. She sits on the board and is VP Programs for AICI Canada and is VP Membership for CC Toastmasters in Toronto. Dominique also co-authored a book and contributes articles to numerous magazines.

Dominique is a certified trainer and "Global Bridger" for Professional Passport® and may be contacted here.

Daphne C. Magna

Your Global Bridger in Canada

Daphne Magna is a cross-cultural communications specialist and corporate trainer with Professional Passport. She is dedicated to building the global mindset of our clients and improving their cross-cultural communications to enhance their business success across cultures. She specializes in helping teams debunk the communication challenges and cultural barriers that decrease their effectiveness in expanding their business globally.

Daphne’s unique cultural awareness and linguistic prowess is a distinct advantage, lived and learned through her multilingual family, multicultural work and extensive travel across four continents. She speaks four languages, has lived around the world and as a result has a unique mindset to identify solutions to cultural complexities and the ability to lead diverse teams. By working abroad in education, entertainment and public relations, Daphne has developed a deep understanding of visual, verbal and non-verbal communication barriers.

Previous to Professional Passport, her focus in curriculum development began as a high school teacher in languages and social sciences, expanded as a translator, and has since grown into curriculum development for global companies and entrepreneurship programs focusing on cross-cultural communications, presentation skills and global business practices. She has coached for various entrepreneurship programs, honing the skills of global professionals working to expand their business ideas to international markets and has trained multi-distributed corporate teams in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Daphne is a fervent advocate of cultural education and literacy, and speaks publicly to promote cultural awareness. Daphne is a spokesperson for Youth for Human Rights International, Toronto Chapter, and a Curriculum Advisor to Image Impact International. Most recently she has spoken at the International Human Rights Summit in Brussels, Belgium, for the Globally Interested Nurses at the University of Toronto’s Bloomberg School of Nursing as well as at the United Nations International Day for Human Rights. As an editor and contributor to numerous professional publications, including iAM, Ontario’s leading International Development publication, she continues to curate content and programming for the 21st century global professional.

Daphne is a certified trainer and ‘Global Bridger’ for Professional Passport®. She received an Honours BA from York University specializing in Foreign Languages and International Relations and holds certifications in Law & Social Thought, Translation Studies and Public Relations.  You may contact her here.

Nadia Ferrah

Your Global Bridger in Quebec and France

 With more than 20 years of experience working, training and educating in human resources within large multinationals, Nadia Ferrah is a consultant, coach, trainer, keynote speaker and columnist for Inspiro and Premieres en Affaires business magazines.

Nadia grew up in France and lived in Dubai for several years as well as Quebec, where she presently resides.

Nadia holds a bachelor degree in business from the University of Paris XII. She was trained by The Protocol School of Washington where she specialized in global etiquette for executives.

Nadia is our French and Arabic representative, operating as our trainer and consultant in the Middle East and the Francophile countries soliciting the services of Professional Passport.

Nadia is a certified trainer and "Global Bridger" for Professional Passport® and may be contacted here.

Victoria Abraham

Professional Passport Bridger, Philippines

With 25 years of management experience, Victoria Abraham, a talented fashion designer, leads her own image institute and is a facilitator for Human Capital Development. She also collaborates with SE Asia Speakers and Trainers Bureau to conduct workshops on developing a professional presence.

Victoria is currently a member of the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and of the Culture360 Asia-Europe Foundation.  As president of the Zonta Club of Makati Ayala from 2010-2012, she initiated an awareness program on human trafficking by coordinating a successful Run Against Trafficking race. Victoria is past chair of Millennium Bank, past managing director of Philippine Industrial and Commercial Enterprises and past managing director of Paradigm Visions Creative, a boutique design and advertising studio.

She holds a BS in biology and MA in psychology from the University of the Philippines.

Leena Pishe Thomas

Professional Passport Bridger, India

Leena Pishe Thomas began her international business career more than 17 years ago promoting industrial and commercial relations between companies in India and France for the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India. From 2000 to 2005, she was In-Country Program Manager for USAID/Alliance to Save Energy in India and Sri Lanka. She set up the offices, built and managed the team, and developed and implemented energy efficiency projects for the municipal sector in both countries.

From 2007-2009, she worked for the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) of the William J. Clinton Foundation as Country Program Director and City Director in Delhi. She managed offices and staff in multiple locations in India and developed and implemented numerous projects in energy efficiency. In 2009 she established her own consulting firm, Global Business Inroads, which assists and serves government, NGO’s, financial institutions, multilateral and bilateral funding agencies, and private sector organizations with their project development and international business needs.

Recognizing Leena’s accomplishments, in 2010 the U.S. State Department selected her for the government’s International Visitors Leadership Program in the Clean Energy and Climate Change category.

Leena has a B.A. degree (with Honors) in History and Economics from the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. She also studied business management at ICFAL in Hyderabad, completed the Certified Energy Manager’s Course of the Association of Energy Engineers, and attended the Eurochambres Academy in Brussels to study doing business with Europe.