Daphne C. Magna

Your Global Bridger in Canada

Daphne Magna is a cross-cultural communications specialist and corporate trainer with Professional Passport. She is dedicated to building the global mindset of our clients and improving their cross-cultural communications to enhance their business success across cultures. She specializes in helping teams debunk the communication challenges and cultural barriers that decrease their effectiveness in expanding their business globally.

Daphne’s unique cultural awareness and linguistic prowess is a distinct advantage, lived and learned through her multilingual family, multicultural work and extensive travel across four continents. She speaks four languages, has lived around the world and as a result has a unique mindset to identify solutions to cultural complexities and the ability to lead diverse teams. By working abroad in education, entertainment and public relations, Daphne has developed a deep understanding of visual, verbal and non-verbal communication barriers.

Previous to Professional Passport, her focus in curriculum development began as a high school teacher in languages and social sciences, expanded as a translator, and has since grown into curriculum development for global companies and entrepreneurship programs focusing on cross-cultural communications, presentation skills and global business practices. She has coached for various entrepreneurship programs, honing the skills of global professionals working to expand their business ideas to international markets and has trained multi-distributed corporate teams in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Daphne is a fervent advocate of cultural education and literacy, and speaks publicly to promote cultural awareness. Daphne is a spokesperson for Youth for Human Rights International, Toronto Chapter, and a Curriculum Advisor to Image Impact International. Most recently she has spoken at the International Human Rights Summit in Brussels, Belgium, for the Globally Interested Nurses at the University of Toronto’s Bloomberg School of Nursing as well as at the United Nations International Day for Human Rights. As an editor and contributor to numerous professional publications, including iAM, Ontario’s leading International Development publication, she continues to curate content and programming for the 21st century global professional.

Daphne is a certified trainer and ‘Global Bridger’ for Professional Passport®.  She received an Honours BA from York University specializing in Foreign Languages and International Relations and holds certifications in Law & Social Thought, Translation Studies and Public Relations. You may contact her here.