Achieving understanding when working with cultural differences

Cross-Cultural-MediationIt's often difficult to realize that our cultural values are ingrained in our DNA and set for life once we turn seven. At seven, we know what is right from wrong, good from bad, accurate from inaccurate, positive from negative, allowed from forbidden - that is, in the culture you come from. Realizing that those judgment calls vary from culture to culture is the hard part. Switching our cultural paradigms to realize that people come from different cultural dimensions where wrong might be right and forbidden is encouraged.

At Professional Passport we know what it feels like to switch our cultural lenses; as such, we specialize in assisting you in adjusting yours. We make sure you have the tools to succeed internationally by teaching your team how to develop the skills required to develop relationships with people from different cultures.

When a project, situation, or a deal goes wrong, we analyze it and bring solutions to the table by diffusing the blame and bringing people from different cultural values together. Most disagreements come from deep misunderstandings that are often rooted in our cultural differences. Using our cross-cultural mediation skills, we dissect the problem, and present our conclusions, which often reveal that the problem is mainly cultural and easily fixed - as long as executives are interested in learning how to adapt their cultural lenses.