CultureActive_Cross-Cultural-Analysis1  Cross-Cultural Online Analysis


CultureActive_Cross-Cultural-Analysis_2The award-winning online CultureActive website is used by countless leading multinationals, organizations, associations and business schools to assess the functionality of their teams across cultures. A unique database, it provides information about cultural values and business behaviors relating to more than one hundred different countries. Through the CultureActive online assessment, team members' cultural DNA is evaluated. The seven-page personal report the assessment generates will then serve as the main tool that participants and trainers will rely on to improve the cross-cultural communication issues most multicultural distributed teams experience. As such, individuals position themselves with the three communication profiles of the Lewis Model.

Together with the team and/or project leader, trainers analyze the result of the assessment to identify the cultural traits available within the team to maximize its components and create a healthier and more efficient environment in which team members evolve. During classroom training, common pitfalls and challenges are identified while tools to prevent and/or resolve the problems are provided. Our trainers are experienced multicultural professionals. Professional Passport is an affiliate partner of Richard Lewis Communications.