Aleksandra Malinowska

Your Global Bridger in Eastern Europe and the Middle East

From an early age, Aleksandra was passionate about different cultures and languages, and she traveled in Europe as well as to Africa to study and as a tourist. When she was only eighteen, Aleksandra signed a contract to work for travel giant Thomas Cook in Greece and Turkey. Soon a new door opened with exciting opportunities to work in Morocco also. Already knowing English and German, and having friends all around the world, she decided to try something new and more challenging: she began Arabic and Islamic studies at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She transferred to the University of Warsaw to complete her Bachelor's degree and mastered Arabic as well as Spanish. In 2015 she was awarded a Master's degree in Arabic and Islamic studies. Her research on acculturation led to a Bachelor's thesis, "East Meets West. Acculturation Processes as Featured in Contemporary Arab Literature," and a Master's thesis, "Al Jazeera. Opinion and the Other Opinion. Creating the Image of the Islamic State in Selected Media."

After graduation Aleksandra worked for 2.5 years for CITI Europe within a multinational and multicultural team involved in process migration from the MENA region and later on from Western Europe. During that time she had the chance not only to coordinate the work of the diverse team but also to deal with challenging tasks and issues specific to international markets and customers.

Developing her career and skills, Aleksandra has taken part in international conferences dealing with cross-cultural communication. She is also trying to raise awareness about the Middle East and the necessity for cultural dialog in Poland on her blog “,” where she writes in both Polish and English.

Now Aleksandra is a part of the Professional Passport Team. Based on her own knowledge and experience as well as on the company's experience and the great position it has gained in the market, she is introducing Professional Passport to the wider European and the Middle East markets.