Robyn Spens

Your Global Bridger in the United Kingdom

Robyn Spens brings a wealth of knowledge to Professional Passport with more than 15 years of experience in business development serving a diverse mix of clients.

Robyn’s work with companies around the world and her training with Professional Passport has provided her with the experience and perspective to deliver tailor-made programs on successfully managing cultural differences. She is well versed in international trouble-shooting and cross-cultural mediation.

Both a UK and US national, Robyn has lived in Europe for more than 25 years. She acted as an international development advisor for Chinese, US, and Russian companies. She works extensively with individuals and organizations, equipping them with the skills to meet the opportunities and challenges of operating in a foreign business arena.

As a keynote speaker, Robyn has presented at Google UK, McKinsey & Company, the UK Banking Forum, the Business in Africa Conference, and in Bangalore, India ICIER- International Indian Institute of Management conference, Ramaiah Institute of Management, and the World Trade Centre.

Robyn is a trustee of Eliminate Domestic Violence, a global charity founded by Baroness Scotland of Asthal to address the elimination of domestic violence. She is a features writer for JFW magazine on cultural and social issues.

Robyn holds a degree in law from New York University and has trained extensively with Professional Passport. She is also an alumnus of both the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, Brussels, and the Protocol School of Washington. Robyn is a certified trainer and "Global Bridger" for Professional Passport®