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The objective of our Global Talent Solutions (GTS) program is to provide US college graduates who have already demonstrated the capacity to live abroad for at least one semester either during their high school or college years a global immersion program via our partnership with global multinationals. This program also extends to Third Culture Kids college graduates and to American graduates who demonstrate an extensive multicultural, multilingual ability.

The program consists of 5 years abroad, living and working in 3 to 4 different countries as an International Local Hire (ILH) while under employment contract by one of GTS’ multinational clients. The program can be summarized as a global apprenticeship for candidates interested in developing global skills based on real work-life experience, leading to a fulfilling careers and personal lives aligned with their diverse mindset and a fast track to global leadership.

All ILHs are treated as local employees. Local accommodations are offered to ILH and all necessary logistics and benefits to ensure a safe and productive stay for the ILHs are put in place by GTS’ clients.

In addition to working and living abroad, the ILH will be under the coaching and training of Professional Passport for global skills, intercultural savvy and cultural intelligence development. 


How the Program Works: 

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The Selection Process:

  • During their third year of studies, undergraduate candidates will be selected from the different university tracks corresponding to the needs of GTS participating industries. Career tracks that are in highest global demand are: engineering (software, electrical, mechanical, industrial), biochemistry, business administration, logistics, supply chain management, design, marketing, accounting, finances, human resources.
  • Candidates will register with GTS, declaring their nationality(ies), major(s), language(s), time spent abroad, career expectations, availability, etc.
  • Candidates will be interviewed by GTS; candidates who fit the needed profiles will then be submitted to GTS’ clients.

The Vetting Process:

  • Once we have a student-corporation match identified, an invitation to go on a 4 to 6 weeks paid internship abroad is extended. During the international internship the candidate and client have the opportunity to decide if long-term investment in each other is of mutual interest.
  • If the internship is satisfactory, the student will go back to school to conclude his/her studies while signing on a 5-year contract as a global apprentice. 
  • Departure date to be set up following college graduation.


The Outcome of Our Program:

For Multinationals:

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GTS is a program for global workforce integration that will enable multinationals to attract and harness the power of a globally-resilient workforce to create sustainable global longevity and competitiveness. GTS will thus serve the role of spotting and selecting the talents multinationals need, thus bypassing the unconscious biases of the hiring managers. In partnership with our clients, we will then train and coach such talents over the course of 5 years to make sure that by the time the GTS contract has been fulfilled, a pool of superb global leaders has emerged.

For Students:

GTS is a career acceleration initiative that empowers graduates and early-career professionals to realize the value of their investment in a global mindset through a five-year immersion in global leadership with a US multinational corporation.

As a majority of study abroad offices do not have established partnerships with global employers and because global employers do not seek study-abroad returnees to fill their global talent pipeline, students who have invested in studying abroad are often unable to capitalize on their investment. They wish to pursue a global career upon re-entry, but seldom do they know where to turn. As a result, too few of them end up finding employment that puts their cross-cultural, language and problem-solving skills to use in the global context.
GTS represents the missing link between universities, students and employers. 



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