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• Global organizations seeking to improve their speed to market 
• Companies expanding into new markets 
• Businesses planning an international merger or acquisition
• Organizations interested in attracting and retaining global talent


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Cross-cultural interaction is the foundation for fostering creativity and innovation.  Professional Passport helps companies develop and embrace a climate in which cultural intelligence and cultural humility provide the perfect environment for inspiration and ingenuity.  


The World Slows Down For No One 

Globalization is pushing companies to increase the speed with which they bring products, services and even ideas to market. Design and engineering processes that once took years now can (and must) be accomplished within months.

Welcome to global competition in an interconnected world.

To compete in this ever-evolving race to market, all employees must communicate effectively with each other from anywhere in the world. And that means more than just speaking the same language. Misunderstandings between cultures can occur among teams of engineers, scientists, manufacturers, project managers, researchers and marketing specialists scattered all over the globe and hinder a company’s international efforts — leading to disastrous results.

That’s why it’s imperative to reduce the threat of a cross-cultural communication breakdown by providing employees with cultural context and the proper tools to collaborate across cultures. 


Organizational Change the Professional Passport Way

Professional Passport helps companies examine the origins of leadership differences and learn how to adjust behaviors accordingly.


Exploration Phase

In order to create a truly customized program tailored to your needs and identify pain points, we conduct interviews with select employees and organization leaders. From those conversations, we build real-world case studies for use in the classroom as teaching tools. We also conduct individual behavior assessments.

Education Phase

We deliver the combined three-day Global Awareness Program (G.A.P.) and Global Leadership Program (G.L.P.) to employees and managers. Content is based on barriers that emerge throughout the exploration phase. A customized report will provide guidelines for senior management and suggest areas of improvement.

Next, our customized Global Communications Tool (G.C.T.) provides cross-cultural solutions across all levels of the organization and offers a roadmap to build trust and bridge geographies and cultures.

Experience Phase

Professional Passport provides continuing solution options, such as quarterly roundtable and mediation sessions during which current challenges are analyzed and discussed with teams. This ongoing support reinforces behavioral changes and measures success. 

Creating Change in a Cross-Cultural Setting Phase

Extended consulting services assist clients in creating a climate that fosters risk taking, transparency and the creation of a global language.


The Global Challenge

Considering that innovation and efficiency are international metrics used to measure success, Professional Passport’s tapping of innovative cultural forces also meets the very real business needs and expectations by which international organizations are evaluated. 

Professional Passport’s team of proven and trusted professionals consults with integrity to help companies develop a global mindset, establish effective international business practices, and work confidently and effectively with colleagues from other countries and cultures. We will empower your executives and employees with superior communication skills and effective behavioral adaptations to better build your international business ventures. 


Culture Clash

Common examples of culture clashes in rapidly evolving multicultural professional situations include the following:

• A Chinese engineering team decides it is safe to modify the U.S. engineering standards to reduce cost, putting the whole organization at risk when an accident occurs. Failure to create transparency and optimal communication between the teams is behind the devastating tragedy.iStock_000029846612_Large.jpg

• A U.S. engineer hopes to optimize efficiency within the Singapore hub, bypassing hierarchy and negatively critiquing employees in company meetings. The U.S. engineer’s disrespect for peers and authority forces the company to end his contract early.

• A computer programmer from India loses respect for his Australian manager who provides loose instructions, leaving ample room for initiative and personal interpretation, putting the programmer at risk of making mistakes. Unable to recognize the leadership skills necessary for success in India, the manager inadvertently delays the project and prevents the organization from becoming a trendsetter in that category. 

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“If an egg is broken by outside force, life ends.
If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside.”

~ Jim Kwik, CEO of Kwik Learning