It's not unusual for exporters to run into obstacles when engaged in international business.

And because those obstacles are often invisible to the naked eye due to the cultural differences at play, most people can't identify the problem.


As such, it's common for companies to throw money or solutions to the wrong problem. You can rely on the expert eye of Professional Passport - the consulting arm of our company - to identify the problem and then guide you toward the solution.
You are mid-size companies interested in performing well internationally. You have your feet in the water - you understand the concept, but you realize that it's full of challenges you don't fully grasp. The biggest problems you encounter are linked to cross-cultural differences perceived in the communication style you experience with your international clients. It's also visible in the different quality standards they require (or deliver), as well as the limited conversations you can have due to the language barrier.

You may have offices around the world; you may have distributors, agents or just clients. Regardless of the type of relationship you entertain with the foreign nationals, you realize that often your expectations are not met - and this leads to frustrations. You suspect you don't have the right people in place. You believe that foreigners don't get it: that they're missing the most important part of your message and that the project is not managed the way it should be. Is this you?