Fostering Innovation, Change and Cultural Success

Based on Professional Passport’s experience with companies of all sizes and locations around the world, most obstacles executives and employees encounter are culturally rooted and thus deeply entrenched in the mentality and psyche of a workforce raised and trained in a society dictated by specific sets of cultural norms. 

One Challenge

Overcoming obstacles requires fostering innovations that may feel foreign to staff members. But before that happens, corporate buy-in from leadership on down is necessary. The kind of cultural innovation Professional Passport practices and proposes requires change to penetrate all corners of an organization. Are you willing to accept the challenge that cross-cultural discovery presents? 

Companies that design innovative cultures possess an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Our Methods

Improve Efficiency by:

• Increasing speed to market

• Decreasing risk when operating internationally

• Improving the ability to recognize international 



Increase Revenue by:

• Spotting international business opportunities

• Decreasing escalation, assumptions and costly misunderstandings

• Reducing costs of international operations


Create an Attractive Professional Environment by:

• Empowering employees and adding meaning and context to their work

• Fostering an environment where diversity is welcome

• Equipping teams with global leadership abilities


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