‘Culture’ was the most popular word of 2014 in Merriam Webster’s dictionary. For international organisations cultural interaction is a growing challenge – both internally and externally. Managed well,  it can boost performance and competitiveness enormously.

CrossCulture, based around The Lewis Model of Culture,  helps you do better business through understanding your own and other cultures, developing the skills to bridge the gaps, and getting the best out of diversity.

We and our  worldwide licenced partners and trainers will use our decades of expertise to listen to your challenges and create customised training so you can meet the challenges of globalisation.

Imagine a future in which:

  • global teams are trusting, positive and productive
  • people really understand what has been agreed in meetings
  • leaders can act as cultural interpreters
  • you can negotiate more effectively with clients and internally across cultures
  • presentations result in action whether you make them in New York, Beijing or Bangalore
  • you use culture strategically to solve business problems
  • you benefit from the new cultures that join your organisation, as well as from your cultural roots 
  • your organisation is admired as a case-study of how to compete successfully across borders


Bilginc-logo-300x125Bilginç IT Academy was established in 1995 to provide information education with an aim of contributing to the Turkey’s path to being an information society and to the development of the information sector.

Bilginç IT Academy provides education and service solutions at world-quality level with its ever-growing and self-renewing expert team at its education center which can provide education to 200 people at the same time in 12 different classes.

Bilginç IT Academy that has proven its education and counseling expertise as the Authorized Technical Education Center in all technological platforms spanning almost any common technology in the IT industry such as those from Microsoft, Oracle, HP, IBM, ITIL, Cobit, Project Management, TDWI, Tibco ve Linux and the EC-Council allowing them to serve clients with a Brand-agnostic approach to their needs.”




PTIGlobal provides turnkey localization and internationalization services at its headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

For over 35 years, PTIGlobal's goal has been to help global companies compete in worldwide markets by delivering messages and products that speak engagingly to all audiences in their native language and within their cultural context. All services provided by PTIGlobal are designed around one common theme: "Customer Satisfaction."  The team at PTIGlobal features people from all over the globe, with eclectic backgrounds and skills. Together they form one of the largest and most productive translation and localization organizations in the industry.



Trusted-Trade-AllianceThe Trusted Trade Alliance is comprised of a team of professionals located in more than 15 offices on 6 continents across the globe.

Providing consulting in the fields of import and export compliance, export controls, supply-chain security, and cross-border trade regulation, TTA also focuses on trade advocacy services for the private sector, educational and training programs for both the private and public sector, and technology assessments for companies looking to implement trade software solutions.   Our team includes noted trade compliance professionals with extensive practical experience in setting up successful customs and trade compliance organizations within major multinationals,  former senior government officials, the founders of the leading graduate-level customs degree programs globally, and recognized experts who lead training programs for front-line customs officials on six continents.  We are uniquely suited to give you support and guidance in the implementation or expansion of your company’s operations across multiple countries or globally. From Sao Paulo to Sydney, from Munich to Mexico City, the Trusted Trade Alliance is there and can assist you with your cross-border compliance needs.



140918_GBI_LogoGlobal Business Inroads (GBI) is an International Business, Technology, and Project Management firm based in Bengaluru, India.


GBI has been helping International companies in a hands-on, practical way in accessing the Indian market while managing and representing their interests for the short and long term. GBI also assists Indian and Asian companies in strategically internationalizing in the realm of International market entry or collaborations. Ecosystem and stakeholder management, including finance, government, legal and IP, markets and partners, communities and customers, analytics and business models have been the keystone of GBI’s holistic approach. GBI has been serving the international development sector (bilateral and multilateral institutions) through program management from conceptualization to implementation of projects that transform society and markets. GBI clientele has included US Department of Energy, Clinton Foundation, EuropeAid, USAID, etc and Private sector companies like BAE Systems, NTR, Highview Power Storage to name a few.

In all the programs and projects of GBI, cultural intelligence management is a part of the day to day activities. GBI has mentored a number of business deals that are successful because we understand cultural and communication differences where the country of our origin deeply impacts the way we perceive situations and actions. In partnership with Professional Passport, we can now offer consultancy and training to companies who operate across borders.



The Global Chamber® is a thriving and trusted network of CEOs, executives and professionals in525 metros around the world, supporting professionals in their pursuit of more growth and expansion. They are dedicated to helping companies export, import and invest across all global borders while establishing successful foundation for companies and professionals to create deeper engagements with local leaders around the world.

The Global Chamber® focuses on connecting more companies to cross border growth opportunities, as well as accelerating success of companies by helping them expand more quickly and efficiently. They also engage more students in global career opportunities with jobs and internships.
Visit for more. The Global Chamber® provides global connections, supportive services, tailored information and membership in their global tribe. 

Sseko Designs is a footwear and accessories company based in Uganda. 
Sseko was created toSseko-Designs educate, empower and provide employment opportunities to high potential young women in East Africa.

Sseko began as a way to generate income for high potential, talented young women to continue on to university.

Sseko has graduated three classes of women. Every woman who has graduated from Sseko is currently pursuing her college degree.

In addition to our university-bound team, Sseko also employs a full-time team of women from all walks of life. By creating an environment of dignity, honor, creativity and dedication, Sseko Designs provides the opportunity for women in East Africa to end the cycle of poverty and create a more equitable society.