As globalization leads to a more diverse workforce and client base, the need to create respectful marketing messages that genuinely resonate with diverse Business handshake in the middle of a meeting at the office.jpegpopulations is more urgent than ever. By 2040, people currently identified as “minorities” will represent the dominant population, which is why it’s imperative for organizations to shift the way they recruit talent; train, communicate with and retain employees; and market products and services.

Everybody sees the world through their own cultural lens, which results in unconscious biases against others who don’t see the world through that same lens. Inclusivity requires a high level of teamwork in order to avoid stereotypes and cultural appropriation.

Professional Passport can help your company and ensure your message is both appropriate and effective. Our qualified multicultural and multiracial experts draw upon their vast cross-cultural experiences, training and personal knowledge to check the relevance, resonance, sensitivity and validity of creative ideas, products and innovation.

Here are four pitfalls we help clients avoid: