Jana Scoggins

Your Global Solutions Architect in the USA

Jana Scoggins grew up in the Czech Republic after the Berlin Wall came down, always dreaming of moving to the United States. 

Armed with her dream and a lot of hard work, she moved to Portland, OR to attend school and to immerse herself in the culture that fascinated her so much.

In 2013, while in school still, Jana started her career at Professional Passport as an intern. Her wit, adaptability, and her innate cultural intelligence pushed her to the front line to quickly become Professional Passport's Global Solutions Architect. As such, Jana, handles all sorts of tasks for Professional Passport, coming up with some of the most amazing solutions to complex problems.

Moreover, having grown up in the Czech Republic, Jana brings a unique view to Professional Passport that compliments their global needs to perfection.

While working for Professional Passport, Jana keeps chipping at her studies, planning on earning an International MBA from Portland State University.