Professional Passport’s team members come from multicultural and multilingual backgrounds, and they specifically train and coach your team to enhance global strategies. We are international troubleshooters and consultants who create customized solutions to narrow the cultural gaps organizations experience when interacting on a global scale. 

During interactive sessions with clients, we oversee activities, self-evaluations, case studies and group discussions designed to assist executives and employees in properly positioning themselves within different cultures. They learn how to avoid common pitfalls when communicating across cultures, time zones and geographies while embracing best international business practices. 

We offer the following programs:

• Global Awareness Program (G.A.P.)

Our foundation course is taught on location over the course of two days in Chinese, English, French and Spanish and helps participants better understand their own cultural DNA and how to position themselves in the global arena.  Learn more about G.A.P. here. 

• Global Leadership Program (G.L.P.)

This program is an offshoot of G.A.P., taught on location over the course of a single day to examine the origins of leadership differences when interacting across cultures. Learn more about G.L.P. here.

• Cross-Cultural Creativity and Innovation (C.C.C.I.)
This course gauges an organization’s creativity temperature and helps companies comprised of multicultural teams build a culture of trust, diverse thought, creative tension, creative risk, humility and anti-complacency.  Learn more about C.C.C.I. here.

• Global Communication Tool (G.C.T)

This customized guide, available to all employees, reinforces G.A.P. and G.L.P. training, plus provides a roadmap for employees who haven’t participated in training sessions.
Learn more about G.C.T. here.

• Train-the-Trainer G.A.P. Program

This program helps implement G.A.P. training throughout an organization’s culture.  Learn more about Train-the-Trainer here. 

• Trusted Advisory Work 

Our quarterly Round Table program helps further develop cultural intelligence and a global mindset by reinforcing behaviors suggested during the G.A.P. and G.L.P. workshops. Learn more about Trusted Advisory Work here. 



Culture has a deep impact on all organizations operating in or wanting to expand into the global arena. Not being able to seize the culture differences that exist between your own culture and the one that prevails in a foreign market is the main reason behind the derailing of companies’ international efforts. Indeed, not being able to understand the underlying cultural needs of the host country interferes with the efficiency of the supply chain and diminishes the strength of a company’s international workforce.

The invisible impact of neglecting the cultural component of a market when interacting across cultures is loss of market share, increased risk, and ineffective management. As our world becomes more and more interconnected, businesses must invest in understanding the motivational factors behind each culture, in developing a global mindset, and in establishing cultural intelligence as part of their DNA.

Increase revenue in international markets and reduce the cost of international operations through our workshops and tools.  Our participative activities, self-evaluations, case studies, and discussions will train your executives and employees alike on how to position themselves within cultures. They will learn how to avoid common pitfalls in communicating across cultures and in embracing best international business practices.

Read Our Recommendations from Academia

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“Excellent program! I loved the fact that this program applies to all cultures and can be offered to our teams located all over the world. This is a program that every employee in every international company should take!” - Christian Guers, Director Channel Development Latin America, Akamai Technologies, Santiago, Chile