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Cross-cultural Leadership Coaching

With Valérie Berset-Price

Professional Passport understands that success stems from great leadership not only at the top, but throughout an organization and at every level. Valérie Berset-Price, our Founder and President, offers significant expertise in 1-on-1 Cross-Cultural Leadership Coaching. Her unique approach is designed to strengthen executive’s and manager’s skillsets, while it complements and supports our team-based Training Courses.


Learn how to:

  • Lead with an INCLUSIVE MINDSET

  • Build TRUST with those from different cultures

  • COLLABORATE with colleagues around the world

  • TRANSFORM YOUR CULTURE through behavioral change

  • Drive INNOVATION through inclusion

  • Increase cross-cultural TEAM EFFECTIVENESS

Why Coaching with Valerie?

Coaching Available in English, French or Spanish

Valérie uses proven neuroscience-based methods to help corporate leaders and managers engage and work more successfully across cultures. Through 12 virtual Coaching Sessions, Valérie teaches participants the tools needed to “retrain their brains” to more effectively manage in multicultural environments and increase employee engagement on diverse work teams. Over time, becoming versed in these tools, skills, and habits become second nature, and can dramatically improve communication and outcomes among team leaders and their global counterparts.

Our 1-on-1 Coaching offered in English, French and Spanish, encourages personal accountability, instills confidence, and provides a convenient, even fun, and low-risk virtual setting for inspiring growth and developing leadership skills. Management and team leaders learn to effectively engage staff more deeply, often unleashing the strengths and talents of employees empowering them to more fully participate in the workplace.


Valérie is certified in the Results Coaching System™ from the NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain-Based Coaching® Program (BBC), a renowned program recognized by the accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also certified to administer and interpret the following assessments that she integrates regularly into her Coaching and Course work:


· Kozai Group Global Competencies Inventory

· Richard Lewis’ CultureActive®

She is a graduate of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, an alumna of the Intercultural Institute of Communication, Reed College, and the Japanese Intercultural Institute, University of Keio.


Additionally, Valérie possesses a deep understanding of cultural behaviors, mindsets and attitudes. Years of personal experience helping global teams work more successfully with their overseas counterparts, make Valérie an essential resource in moving the needle towards greater employee retention, satisfaction and sustainable growth.

Results from our 1-on-1 Coaching show individuals impacting:

· Leadership Decisions

· Empowering and Motivating Meaningful Exchanges

· Personal Growth

· Organizational Growth

· Cultural Transformation

· Systems that Drive Performance

· Diversity & Inclusion

· Innovation

· Collaboration

· Trust-Building

What those who know say...

“Valérie opened my eyes to perspectives and approaches I wasn’t even aware of before. Her expertise in international business, cross-cultural management, and coaching helped me to "up my game”. She gave me tools to navigate and elevate my role in an ever-changing, dynamic, multinational company.

"As a Brazilian working in the U.S., I never felt I fully belonged. Valérie made me aware of my leadership’s hidden potential, catapulting me to the promotion I coveted for years. She opened my eyes to my strengths and the value I bring to the global arena, while giving me the guidance I needed to hone the tools to succeed in a culture that is not mine. Her coaching gave me wings.”

“Working across cultures is so complex. Valérie made me aware not only of the risks, but also the opportunities that laid at my feet. Her training course, followed by 12 sessions of 1:1 coaching gave me the confidence to know I had what it took to lead a global team. Using some of her key strategies changed the dynamic I had with international colleagues. I used to dread global team meetings; now I relish them."

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