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Shortage of Globally Qualified Employees

Current research is pointing to the reality that in the United States there is an increasing shortage of employees that are qualified to work across cultures, geographies and time zones. From elementary school to postgraduate level, the emphasis of the American education system is seldom placed on developing a multicultural and multilingual skill set that will allow future employees to thrive in the global arena. Corporate leaders continue to be selected for their technical and corporate skills without the accompanying ability to persuade, engage and lead across cultures, time zones and geographies.

This situation is a direct threat to the economy of our nation and it must be addressed by drastically altering the way we hire, train and condition the workforce of tomorrow. Domestic employees working with multinational colleagues lacking in global skills are not considered to be competitive talent. To this effect, Professional Passport developed a new program called Global Talent Solution (GTS) that can be described as a global apprenticeship for recent college graduates.

The GTS Process

The process is initiated by identifying potential candidates that have completed a study-abroad program in high school or college. Based on a selection process handled by Professional Passport and its clients, qualified students are sent on a summer internship to assess the mutual value of continued investment in the student’s career path.

If the internship is successful, students are offered employment as international local hires and begin a three-to-five-year contract that takes them to different countries. During the length of the global apprenticeship, Professional Passport manages their training and partners with them to transform their life and work experiences into skills necessary for success in the global sector.

Global Track Employees

As these global track employees develop their skill set, they exponentially increase their value to the company.  The value of cumulative knowledge acquired working across cultures within a single company is not to be minimized. The interface between local business practices and corporate operations requires sophisticated navigation, and Professional Passport maintains a vigilant partnership with the global track employees to ensure continued success.

From the college graduate perspective in today’s rapidly evolving career path climate, those entering the workforce needing to pay off student loans will seek opportunities that best mitigate this burden. Employers that offer financial assistance to reduce debt are therefore highly attractive. For the companies that have partnered with Global Talent Solutions to identify globally competent new hires, the retention of such valuable employees after the original investment is key. Global Talent Solutions works with its clients to meet this business objective by creating a conduit for the company to absorb these school loans thereby creating a mutually beneficial long-term employment opportunity.

Global Talent Solution

The Interface of Global Recruiting

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