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The World has changed... what are you doing different?

Globalization and the pandemic are pushing companies to increase the speed with which they bring products, services, and even ideas to market. Processes that once took years now can (and must) be accomplished within months.


As our workforce and clients become more diverse and remote, the need to create messages and processes that resonate with a diverse population is more urgent than ever.


By 2040, people currently identified as “minorities” will represent the dominant population, which is why it’s imperative for organizations to shift the way they recruit talent; train, communicate with and retain employees; and market products and services.


We can help you compete in this ever-evolving race to market. By reducing the threat of cross-cultural communication breakdowns through increased cultural context and the proper tools to collaborate across cultures, you will be better prepared to take advantage of opportunities and business will become more rewarding and less risky. 

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Our Methods & Programs

Are designed to increase efficiency and decrease risk, increase revenue and decrease costly misunderstandings, and create an inclusive company culture and remove barriers to success  for minority employees.

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Train-the-Trainer G.A.P. Program

This program helps implement G.A.P. training throughout an organization’s culture.

Learn more about Train-the-Trainer here.

Global Communication Tool (G.T.C.)

This customized guide, available to all employees, to reinforce G.A.P. and G.L.P. training, plus it provides a roadmap for employees who haven’t participated in training sessions. Learn more about G.C.T. here.

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Cross-Cultural Creativity and Innovation (C.C.C.I.)

This course gauges an organization’s creativity temperature and helps companies comprised of multicultural teams build a culture of trust, diverse thought, creative tension, creative risk, humility, and anti-complacency.

Learn more about C.C.C.I. here.

Diversity & Inclusion with Tough Convos

Tough Convos is our suite of solutions for building diverse and inclusive companies headed by Daphne Magna. Taking advantage of being diverse, and gaining from the innovation and creativity of inclusive cultures working at their best is our aim. Whether assessments, executive strategies, team building or experiential learning, Tough Convos can help your team turn your initial D&I attempts into real progress and measurable results. Learn more about Tough Convos here.

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Global Awareness Program (G.A.P.)

Our foundation course is taught on location over the course of two days in Chinese, Korean, English, French and Spanish and helps participants better understand their own cultural DNA and how to position themselves in the global arena. Learn more about G.A.P. here.

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1-on-1 Cross-cultural Leadership Coaching

Valérie uses proven neuroscience-based methods to help corporate leaders and managers engage and work more successfully across cultures. Through 12 virtual Coaching Sessions, Valérie teaches participants the tools needed to “retrain their brains” to more effectively manage in multicultural environments and increase employee engagement on diverse work teams. Learn more about one on one coaching here.

Global Leadership Program (G.L.P.)

This program is an offshoot of G.A.P. taught on location over the course of a single day to examine the origins of leadership differences when interacting across cultures. Learn more about G.L.P. here.

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Group Coaching

Is your multicultural distributed team struggling with using the positive, dynamic tensions that innovation thrives on, and instead succumbing to unchecked assumptions?

Our virtual group coaching forum offers a simple way to realign priorities, check assumptions and regain the confidence team members need to feel safe 

and valued. 

Learn more about Group Training here.

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