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Struggling to lead or manage your global, culturally diverse teams?

You are not alone…

"90% of Executives from 68 countries say cross-cultural management is their top challenge."


"70% of international ventures fail because of cultural differences." 

says SHRM

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Work Anywhere with Confidence

Professional Passport offers a wide range of global business consulting and cross-cultural training services with proven, scientific tools and global expertise. We are a team of seasoned and cultured business advisors, here to help grow your international business, build a culture of inclusion, and maximize the performance of your multicultural teams. We partner with our clients to ensure effective global leadership, cultural team cohesion and market-driven project management on a global scale.

Increasing Your Global Fluency

"Being a global-minded leader goes beyond basic issues of etiquette, ordering for yourself in a foreign language at a business dinner, or finding your way around a foreign city. The ability to see and understand perspectives beyond your own is invaluable as you confront complex problems and opportunities in business and in society. It helps you spot both pitfalls and opportunities."

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Consulting, Training & Coaching Services

Discover Our Global & Cultural Expertise

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We understand that success stems from great leadership not only at the top, but throughout an organization and at every level. Valérie Berset-Price, our Founder and President, offers significant expertise in 1-on-1 Cross-Cultural Leadership Coaching. Her unique approach is designed to strengthen executive’s and manager’s skillsets, while it complements and supports our team-based Training Courses.

Our Tough Convos collaboration is focused on building inclusive leaders, employees, and company cultures where all employees can be hard, feel like they belong, and will thrive in their careers. From facilitating deep discussion with diverse teams, to building new brand values that represent more inclusive attitudes, we can design experiences, tools, and programs to take your diversity and inclusion efforts to actionable and improving much quicker than previously.

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With years of experience, our team consists of expert trainers and has the capabilities and experience to transform your teams through experiential learning. We combine our insights and skills to help you upskill and improve your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to customize programs and tools that shape your company's business culture with actionable steps and metrics.


After working with global companies on 5 continents, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to help you make the change needed to expand or improve to the next level. At Professional Passport, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help you through transition and growth so that you can structure and manage your business more efficiently.

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Is your company global?

Are you looking to expand to a new market?

Do you have teams all over the world?

Is your company considering an International Merger & Acquisition? 

Are you trying to integrate culturally diverse teams post International Merger & Acquisition?

Message us today for a complimentary initial analysis.

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Our Valued Clients & Their Own Words

Professional Passport® has provided strategic and innovative solutions to maximize the power of multicultural teams, enhance global strategies and span cultural divides to the following companies:

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“Fact filled overview of the seven cultural dimensions at play in global business.”

The class on International Negotiations addresses some key points and provided a very thoughtful and fact-filled overview of the seven cultural dimensions at play in global business. What I appreciated the most is that the program consistently emphasized the need to apply a global mindset in building partnerships throughout the world. I was most fortunate to have had the opportunity to introduce this course to my students.”

Marvin T. Serhan

Professor, School of Business Administration’s Master of Science in Global Leadership Program

University of San Diego

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